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Why Is It Important To Service Your AC and Refrigeration System?

With time all AC & Refrigeration Systems gets dirt due to which system gets choked, Resulting in higher electricity consumption, lower efficiency & if system is not serviced regularly, compressor may get burnt.

All AC and refrigeration systems, depreciate with time. And if not properly maintained, they progressively lose efficiency, consume more power.

Without regular maintenance an AC looses its original efficiency. It is common knowledge that these inefficiencies increases. Thereby, causing a lot of inconvenience.

The good news however, is that you can recover most of that lost efficiency through regular maintenance up to 95% of its original efficiency. This means that the cost of a tune -up is recovered very quickly in savings on your monthly power bill and reduced repair costs.

How System gets dirt?

As outdoor/Window AC’s condenser coil is installed in open area where it gets dirt form polluted air & many other aspects played a role.

             Indoor gets dirt as it takes dirt form our house & dirt enters in house with us. While our ACs are running, they draw in air that can contain dust, dirt, and other debris. Most of the time you won’t notice this, since the air filter in your AC takes care of trapping this kind of air pollution to keep it from impairing the important parts inside the unit’s cabinet. However, sometimes the filter gets too congested with dust, or breaks form in it, and the interior of your air conditioner can become dirty.

What if outdoor is dirty?

If outdoor is dirty hot air of outdoor (condenser coil) can not be transferred in to environment efficiently, Resulting in high head pressure (in layman language overheating of compressor) which can leads to failure of compressor

What if indoor is dirty?

Main work of indoor is condition of room Air(in layman language cooling the room ). If indoor remains dirty, it can’t circulate air properly resulting in lower efficiency & high electricity bill.
Excess dust can lead to a drop in your air quality. A dirty AC with a clogged air filter is more likely to blow unwanted particles into your home.

Why BSD?

BSD, provides you with the finest and most comprehensive range of services, to take care of your airconditioning system. With our experience and expertise, we optimize your system and ensure maximum energy efficiency, perfect air distribution and provide superior indoor air quality.

BSD has the pool of qualified and trained air conditioning and refrigeration engineers. We understand the geography and have complete knowledge of the application and customer profiles.BSD Engineers provides AC Repair & Service in Panchkula, AC Service in Panchkula, Window AC Installation in Panchkula, Split AC Installation Panchkula, AC Gas filling in Panchkula.
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BSD Engineers provide solution for following problems & many others:

Air conditioner(AC) not cooling. Air conditioner(AC) not working.
Air conditioner(AC) start button does not working. Air conditioner(AC) PCB not working.
Air conditioner(AC) water leaking. Air conditioner(AC) leakage testing.
Air conditioner(AC) Gas filling. Air conditioner(AC) Fan,motor not working properly.

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We are famous for our quality services with competitive price with time commitment. Our highly qualified, trained, professional technical team is our main strength. Our experts do repair & Service for all brands.We service both residential and commercial accounts.

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