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HVAC Installation Service

When the winter chill sets in, when summer turns up the heat, call BSD for maximum climate control at minimum prices. Whether it’s installation, repair or maintenance, if you have a room that’s too hot or too cold, BSD is here to solve your comfort dilemma. We offer an unbeatable combination of affordable rates, quality work and reliable service.

For new installation, we provide superior quality, reliable durability and outstanding warranties,

No Ducts? No Problem! BSD Enterprises can offer you the option of installing a High Velocity System for your home or small office.

High Velocity Systems utilize one small duct that is 2 inches in diameter. Through this ventilation, the system pushes high-velocity airflow equivalent to a 6 inch diameter duct from a standard heating and cooling system. By moving more air through a smaller system, High Velocity equipment can provide effective cooling with a more efficient use of space. The system is quieter than traditional equipment and provides a cost-effective cooling solution for any home or small office regardless of the structure’s design, age, size, or construction type.

This system provides year round comfort with fewer unwanted challenges common to other central heating and air-conditioning systems. Many home designers and owners choose such a system because they do not have to design a unique structure to hide the heating and cooling system components. High velocity systems do not require major renovation or loss of usable floor space, and you will be saving money on your energy bill.

Why to Install HVAC?

Consistent temperature on each floor of your home High Velocity air conditioners attain excellent performance in all seasons. Whether you’re looking to heat or cool your home, these units deliver consistent temperatures and can allow you to customize the temperature of each floor.

Preservation of the design and decor of your home These units can be installed in your home with minimal impact on the existing layout of the building. This can be important for a variety of reasons. Our experts can give you a good idea of what to expect once they’ve inspected your space.

Dehumidifies a house quicker than a conventional AC system Humid air can lead to respiratory problems, warping of wood, and the presence of mold. These systems are ideal for bringing the humidity level under control for a healthy and comfortable environment.

Smaller and more compact If space is tight, a high velocity air system might be the perfect solution for you.

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FAQ - Air Conditioner

  1. AC should be serviced at least once a year during the start of summers.
  2. It depends upon following requirements,
    1. Operating time of AC: In India we have all kind of persons living near us, some keeps their AC ‘ON’ for whole day, and some operate only during night, and some for two hours before going to sleep.
      So, the funda is simple as long the operating time of AC more frequently is the requirement of service.
    2. Surrounding conditions: There are different surrounding conditions according to the situation of the building i.e.,
      1. Park facing
      2. Main road near them
      3. Commercial Building in market
      4. Commercial building in Motor Market
      5. Society near highway
      6. House near farm
      7. House in Sector
      8. Near a under construction building

Different surroundings, different amount of dust, dirt, pollution etc., More is the value of dust, dirt and pollution, more is the requirement of service of AC.

AC or “air conditioner” works on the principle of compression of refrigerant gas. It has many different parts assembled together to create cooling effect. Main parts are:

  1. Compressor
  2. Condenser Coil
  3. Expansion Valve (Capillary Tube)
  4. Evaporator Coil
  5. Condenser fan Motor with fan Blade
  6. Evaporator Blower Motor with blower
  7. PCB (Control Circuit)

If any of the above part becomes faulty, AC stops working and,
with cleaning of these parts smooth working of AC is insured.
If we do not get our AC service regularly, it leads to failure of AC through following steps,

  1. Compressor starts working extra to compensate the heat loss due to dirty condenser coil.
  2. Compressor starts overheating.
  3. During which starting and running capacitor might get burnt, and
  4. Compressor pumps oil with refrigerant.
  5. Oil gets stuck in part Capillary Tube, in this case Capillary Tube should be replaced with oil and gas.
  6. Now if Capillary Tube is not replaced, it results in full choking of gas, which leads to further overloading of compressor.
  7. In that event, even compressor might get burnt out. In this case compressor has to be replaced.

There are many possibilities that can cause AC system to freeze up:

  1. Dirty filter: Dirty Filter results in low air flow, which further results in freezing up of Evaporator coil
  2. Low refrigerant: Whenever there is low refrigerant value in AC, it results in low discharge pressure/temprature and suction pressure, which further results in freezing up of AC.
  3. Dirty evaporator coil: When evaporator coil will become dirty, there is low airflow and it freezes up.
  4. Defective blower motor or relay: A blower motor running at low speed, sometimes not running at all causes freezing.
Whenever the pressure/ volume of refrigerant gas is low then the required pressure/ volume, gas charging is required.
Here main thing to note is how gas pressure / volume get low:

  1. Leakage: Leakage of gas can be due to several reasons, i.e.,
    1. Loose flaring nut joints: Split AC, sometimes flaring nut joint get loose due to overheating of compressor/ outdoor unit due to following reasons,
      1. When outdoor unit is placed under direct sun
      2. When AC is used above its capacity, i.e., when AC is running regularly for long hours, when area is too big for AC to attain/maintain desired temperature
    2. Leak Brazing joints: Brazing is done at several points in outdoor and indoor unit, and when copper pipe is required to be joined, gas is leaked if at any point brazing is not done properly
    3. Puncture of Copper pipe
    4. Puncture of condenser coil/ evaporator coil.
  2. Choking of Gas: When Compressor starts overheating.
    1. Compressor pumps oil with refrigerant.
    2. Oil gets stuck in part Capillary Tube, resulting in choking of gas.
  3. Compressor Replacement: When ever compressor is replaced, Refrigerant gas charging is required.
  4. Increase in Length of copper pipe connecting indoor unit and outdoor unit

Electricity bill can be reduced by following ways:

  1. Installation of proper capacity of AC with respect to heat load of area.
    Heat Load calculation can be done by a professional through measurement of room but when choosing for home there is no requirement of such professionals. There is simple funda:

    1. 1 ton AC = 10*10*10 feet room
    2. 1.5 ton AC= 15*15*10 feet room
    3. 2.0 ton AC=20*20*10 feet room
  2. Operate AC at 22°C to 25°C Many of users think that, operating the AC at 18°C would cool the room fast as compared to 22°C setting, which is completely wrong. It doesn’t make any difference if you operate your AC at any temp. On the amount of cooling that your AC provide at a time. Only difference that it makes is,
    1. if user set the desired temp at 22°C, the compressor would stop at 21°C at again restart at 23°C
    2. and if user set the desired temp. at 18°C, the compressor would stop at 17°C at again restart at 19°C.
    3. So if user operates the AC at 22°C to 25°C the compressor would stop early as compared to 18°C, which helps in reducing the electricity bill.

Compressor of AC stops working due to following reasons:

  1. Compressor is fully damaged
    1. Compressor motor winding is brunt out
    2. Compressor piston is stuck
  2. Due to electrical faults
    1. Thimble brunt out
    2. Connecting Wire Break
    3. Faulty Starting Relay
    4. Faulty Starting Capacitor
    5. Faulty running Capacitor
    6. Faulty Programmed Control Circuit Board (PCB)
Main tip from our Team is, If any customer keeps on using faulty AC, one fault leads to another fault, resulting in increase in cost of repairing,
So, whenever there is less cooling in AC, Shutdown the AC and
Please feel free to call us

Water Leakage in AC can be due to following reasons:

  1. Dirty Indoor Unit
  2. Dirty Drain Tray
  3. Dirty Back Drain tray
  4. Choked Drain Pipe
  5. Improper Installation of AC

Proper cleaning of indoor AC-unit means

  1. Cleaning of Dust Filters
  2. Cleaning Of Evaporator Coil, From Front as well as From Back
  3. Cleaning of Front drain Tray and back drain tray
  4. Cleaning of PCB Section
  5. Cleaning of Blower
  6. Cleaning of Whole plastic body
  7. Checking of Copper Pipe Insulation behind Indoor Unit
  8. Cleaning of Flexible Drain Pipe attached with Indoor unit


There is 3 months warranty on the workmanship of the technician and minimum 3 months warranty on spare part or
warranty specified by company on that spare part (for ex. 1 year warranty on compressor) and
sometimes no warranty if spare part made of plastic or Company is not offering any warranty

Labour cost depends on the type/amount of Work to be done to repair the faulty machine
and Visit charges only include the checking of machine to find the fault and give an estimate

We give free estimates on call only, if visiting the customer premises is required to give an estimate, our Trained techincians visits the said premises, gives an estimate and If customer gives a positive consent to the technician, he gets the work done and charge the money according to the estimate given and if customer just wanted to get the estimate, our technician charges only visit charges or checking charges.

BSD Enterprises do not have any spare parts with them
If there is any requirement of any spare part, our Technicians visit the particular authorised spare part dealer of the company of which part is required

Whenever Customer calls us for any type of repair service required, our Trained Technician visits the customer and identify the fault, gives an estimate to the customer
If customer gives a positive consent to the technician, he repairs the fault and charge the money according to the estimate given,
And no extra Visit charges are taken by us

Yes BSD Engineers calls the customer before reaching at their doorstep

Yes we provide week-end service

BSD Enterprises do not sell any spare parts
If there is any requirement of any spare part, our Technicians visit the particular authorised spare part dealer of the company of which part is required

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